Sunday, 30 June 2013

I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so!!

So today I found out about bento boxes... 'bento' originates from the Song Dynasty slang term for 'convenience' or 'convenient' and has now come to mean a small lunch packed into a box. 

Usually comprising of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and rice; they can form a healthy and nutritious lunch. In light of this and my ever pervading battle with 'what to eat at lunchtime' I have decided to get myself a 2 tier bento box and start eating more healthy. 

So here goes my adventure.. learn to make sushi and make some awesome bento box creations.

On another note, and as is usually the way; reading about Japanese Cuisine has rekindled my love of all things Japanese including the language and culture.

I might have to swap my plan to learn Russian over the summer with a plan to learn Japanese instead.

Let's see what happens.

See ya.


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