Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nexus 4 - best phone ever???

One thing I forgot to mention in the last blog was getting a new phone. So I thought I would try and do a bit of a down to earth review on what I use it for and how it compares to my previous phones.

So after my previous phone (Nokia N900) was getting a bit battered I decided to get a new one. Obviously the best choice was Android but what phone to get. I finally decided on getting the Google Nexus 4 and I'm so glad I did.

So on to the review... Google integration is a god send. Between Blogger, Youtube, Hangouts, Gmail and even keeping synced notes in Google Keep. It's nice to be able to just pick up the phone and have access to all these services without having to login to each one.

Internet browsing and Social Media- So this is the main thing that I use my phone for. Nothing better than just picking up my phone and having easy access to the whole of the internet. The Nexus 4 handles this easily allowing multiple tabs, incognito mode (aye aye) and all my bookmarks synced from my PC.
Social Media is another big thing. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Tumblr, having access to all the latest apps and their updates from the play store makes this so much easier.

Camera - I'm not really a photographic master nor do I want to be but the Nexus 4 allows me to take some pretty nice shots whilst I'm out and about. From the main camera screen you are one press away from modes such as HDR (which makes even the worst photos look amazing), Panorama and the quite impressive photosphere.

Finally the one thing that I have to say about the Nexus 4 is the battery life, even with my constant browsing, Tumbl-ing, Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, Instagram-ing and the odd game of Osmos HD my battery still hangs in there until I get to bed and set it down to charge. Hopefully when it's released I'll be able to get the wireless charging orb and wont even need to plug it in.

Cheers guys, hope you enjoyed reading about my new phone as much as I enjoy playing with it.



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