Sunday, 14 July 2013

Well hello there Waterford

So today marked the start of my 3 week research placement in the wonderful city of Waterford, Ireland. An early start saw me get to the airport ridiculously early, which did mean I got to perve at all the awesome 747s and 777s taking off and landing. Around 10.20ish my gate opened and I walked over to the window to check out the magnificient marvel of engineering that would get me to Ireland and Bam! A teeny, tiny DHC-8-400 sat on the runway. It's twin turboprobs gleaming in the sun.

After the incredible amount of #planeenvy (yes I hashtagged in a blog post, what you gonna do!) that I was going through watching Boeing dominate the airport, I boarded and was quite impressed. There is something cool about being propelled through the air in a tiny metal can at approx 350mph with only about 30 people on board including crew.

Anyway I landed safely and was picked up at the airport by the guy in charge of the placement and got an awesome tour around Waterford before settling into the accommodation they provided for me. Which I have to say is pretty nice, and has quite good broadband, so what else do I need :P

So tomorrow I start at 9 and get to see what I'm actually going to be working on, all I know is that it involves Wireless Sensor Networks and photovoltaics.

Anyways I shall keep you updated :)



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